What’s in my change bag (3-6 month baby)

Firstly, my bag itself is from Amazon. 

This was the second one I bought, as I soon discovered I needed a larger capacity, and more pockets (to stop me losing dummies or my purse in the abyss). This one is so much easier to find everything in, and I can fit everything I need in it for 24 hours out of the house.Read More »


Things I’ve found hard as a new mum 

OK, time for some real talk. Yes, being a mum is an amazing experience. The love I have for my son is like nothing I could have ever imagined and my heart sometimes feels like it’s about to explode with joy.
But being a new mum is bloody hard too.

So I thought I’d write down the things I’ve found most difficult – because reading other people struggling with these things really reassured me that I wasn’t alone!Read More »

Trying to look human in a hurry

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been asked twice if I’m feeling OK, because I’m looking ‘a bit tired’. I wouldn’t mind, but on those occasions I’ve actually been feeling better than I have for a long time! It’s just on these occasions I haven’t been wearing makeup… way to make a new mother feel good about herself(!).

So I’ve had to figure out a daily make up routine I can do quickly (babies don’t tend to give you the luxury of more than 3 minutes in front of a mirror), and one that isn’t too expensive to maintain (mat leave doesn’t pay much).Read More »