A treat for the senses

I’ll admit, when I first booked sensory classes for me and little man, it was more for me than him. I needed some adult interaction during the day, to talk to people going through the same things I was and to get out of the house – I was going stir crazy!

But we’ve both got more out of these classes than I could have imagined.

We joined Story Stars when little man was 10 weeks old. It’s a 45 minute class run by two mums with experience of primary school teaching.

For the first 10 minutes everyone reads along with a book (and props, of course) – and there’s a different book each week. Then there’s 30 minutes play time (messy play, or lights, textures and food items to explore), followed by 5 minutes of a goodbye song and bubble machine.

Little man loves it – he’s sat in bowls of peas, tubs of rice crispies, painted with edible paints, met hand puppets and seen light shows… he spends the whole session smiling and laughing.

And what’s more, it’s given me loads more inspiration of things I can do with him at home to build his senses and entertain him.

The classes run for babies up to 18 months, and I can see us attending until then. He’s entirely entertained every week, but there’s also so much that he isn’t able to join in with yet – whether that’s understanding the plot of the book or being big enough for the ball pit.

It’s also been brilliant to meet and talk to other mums and reassure myself that all babies do cry all the time, they do keep being sick, they do keep you up all night – it’s not just me!


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