Baby products that were genuinely worth buying (0-3 months)

There’s a whole host of products out there advertised at mums-to-be, and if you’re a first time Mum like me, it can be hard to know what you’ll need.

Here’s the products that have genuinely made a difference to me and little man during our first 3 months together.

Nursing pillow£12.99, Amazon

This has been a godsend – it’s what I prop myself up in bed with during the nighttime feeds, it’s what I prop little man in when I want to talk to him or show him things. I’m probably not using it as it was intended, but I would be lost without it.

Apparently it has removable covers for washing, but I haven’t been separated from it long enough for that! Maybe I should buy a second one…

Black & White, Tana Hoban£2.49, Amazon

This book was the first thing little man actually showed an interest in, other than milk! He loves all the images and gets very excited to see the picture of the flower. Plus it can be folded out to stand next to your baby if you need some hands-free time.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine£125.99, Mothercare

As a bottle-feeding mum, this has been a lifesaver. There’s so many recommendations now about how you should prepare bottles (water that has only been boiled once, and left to cool for 30 minutes for example) that the thought of making a bottle the ‘old-fashioned’ way with a screaming baby filled me with dread. This is quick and simple to use – I even keep it in the bedroom for added speed for the 3am feeds.

Muslin cloths

I cannot own enough of these! Luckily I had plenty gifted to me at my baby shower so I haven’t had to buy any more… yet.

Most of mine are from Sainsbury’s, and they’re fantastic – durable, absorbent, everything I could ask for.

I also like the giraffe ones I was given from Lily & Dan (Aldi) for when I’m out. They’re not as absorbent as the Sainsbury’s ones, but they do fold up a lot smaller which is a massive plus. So yes, I have indoor-use and outdoor-use cloths!

Moses basket mattress sheets£8, Mothercare

I wish I’d been told how many of these I would need. I naively thought I would be changing little man’s bedding once or twice a week. But in the early days it was more like once or twice a night! Get more than you think you need, or be prepared to do a lot of washing.

Rocking Moses basket stand £32.95, Mothercare

One of the hardest transitions for us coming home from hospital, was little man moving from his rocking cot to a stationery Moses basket. One of the first things I did when I got home was order a rocking one from Mothercare with next day delivery, and it really helped soothe him to sleep when nothing else would.


Not the ones with the waterproof backs. When they accidentally end up in the dryer (as most of little man’s outfits and accessories do) they melt. Those ones only lasted a day.

However, just the standard cotton bibs have been brilliant, especially now he’s in a dribbly faze, and I want his outfit to last more than a couple of hours! These ones were given to us, but I’m pretty sure they’re from B&M after a bit of googling.

Play Gym – £15, Tesco

This has been brilliant for popping little man on when I want 10 minutes to do something else! It’s suitable from birth as it’s flat on the floor, and has plenty of distractions for entertainment – including a mirror, rattle and giant butterfly. It also came in a carry case so it’s great to transport to the grandparents! We also have a rocker, but he definitely prefers looking at the toys on this.

Baby bath with built in seat – £19.99, Argos

The first baby bath I tried with little man did not have a built in seat. I was home alone and terrified to let go of just one hand on him (he was a slippery little devil!) so we were completely stuck.

This bath however lets me let go of one hand, to reach the baby shampoo, with confidence that I won’t drown him!

*this post is not sponsored at all. My blog isn’t important enough to be sponsored 😉 Everything mentioned I either bought with my own money or was given to me by family and friends.


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