Reviewing the Red Kite Push Me Cube

So a disclaimer to start with. When I was looking to buy this pram I already owned a pram. I’d read loads of reviews and bought a Baby Sportiv travel system, which according to customer feedback was compact when folded.

It was not.

The only way I could get it into my (admittedly small) car boot was by putting both the back seats down, so that wasn’t going to work for me.

So it was cheaper to buy a second pram than a new car, but having already bought one pram I couldn’t justify spending a small fortune on a silver cross or maxi cosy or whatever… contraption.

This Red Kite Push Me Cube pram solved all my problems.

I found it in Asda for just £105 (it’s £130 at the moment so I must have caught a sale), and there were a couple of colours to choose from but I went for Jaffa (a bright orange).

I genuinely love it and wouldn’t (couldn’t) be without it now.

Here’s my pros and cons:


  • It folds up small – really really small. I have a Fiat 500 and not only does it comfortably fit in my boot, I still have room for the food shop too.
  • You can put it up and collapse it with one hand. Brilliant as my other hand tends to have a baby in it.
  • When folded it has a shoulder strap so it’s easy to transport.
  • It’s very light to manoeuvre, and easy to push and control one-handed (I can use my other hand to hold a shopping basket or dog lead).
  • The front wheels swivel (apparently that’s not a thing on all prams).
  • It’s suitable from birth.
  • It has a basket underneath.
  • It fits in hand luggage on a plane.


  • The baby faces out, not at me. I don’t mind this so much as my little man prefers looking around at the world, and there is a mesh window so I can keep an eye on him.
  • It’s not a travel system you can put a car seat in. Although car seats aren’t recommended for longer than 30 minutes for babies anyway, so by the time I’ve driven anywhere I usually want to lie him down flat rather than keep him in a car seat. So this hasn’t been a ‘con’ for me yet either.

So overall, I’m a big fan. My little man loves being in it and looking around, and happily falls asleep in it too. Yes I might look enviously at some of the other mum’s fancier travel systems, but they aren’t something I need. This ticks all the boxes.


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